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Blue Hole Bash 2023

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful weekend to have Marcee Topp from Pickleball Is Great (PIG) join us and 134 pickleball players to compete in the the 2023 Blue Hole Bash Pickleball Tournament.  Players came from British Columbia, Arizona, California, Hawaii, Michigan, Mississippi, Oregon, and Washington, and ranged in age from 19-84!

Congratulations to:
—All Sequim Picklers who played in the tournament,

— 35 Sequim Picklers’ medal winners out of a total of 112 medals given out during the three-day event (more pics can be found at the PIG Facebook page),

—33 Sequim Picklers volunteers who helped run the show on one, two, or all three days of the tournament (a BIG shout out to: Chris Barry, Diane Froula, Felicia Mueller, Frank Medigin, Gary Poor, Goose, Heidi Ulm, Jan Tatom, Jane Gray, Janice Drickey, Janie Dicus, Jennifer Perdue, Jim Long, Ken Wahl, Krista Rambow, Lisa Rachor, Lyle Hibler, Lynda Schroeder, Margaret Garrington, Marna Butler, Mary Jo Bennis, Pam Woodruff, Patricia Knapp, Richard Cary, Rick Perdue, Rodney Diseker, Ron Baumgardner, Sara Laughlin, Sherri Ghazarian, Sherry Gyovai, Susan Barry, Tanya Baumgardner, Tom Isaacs, Tom Rambow, and Warren Mecca) , and,

—All our members who turned out to cheer on the home team!

Day One - Friday,September 29 Women's Doubles

Skill: 3.0 and Under, ages 14-59
Gold: Ruby Pugh & Cheryl Krueger
Silver: Yvonne Snow & Jodie Vanthournout

Bronze: Christiane Johnson & Nicole Lepping


Skill: 3.0 and Under, ages 60+

Gold: Therese Caouette & Izumi Garland
Silver: Andrea Jenks & Sherry Gyovai
Bronze: Lynda Schroeder & Katinka Nanna


Skill: 3.5, any age
Gold: Catherine Stefan & Cyndi Boado
Silver: Patricia Knapp & Christina Cunningham

Bronze: Heidi Eakin & Shari O'Quinn


Skill: 4.0 and Above, any age

Gold: Mika Nel & Sara Ghazarian
Silver: Fran Sweet & Michelle Teeters
Bronze: Lindy Arnold & Becky Stuve

IMG_3396 copy.jpeg

Skill: 4.5 and Above, any age
Gold: Shauna Bo & Kali McKenzie
Silver: Kathy Kallunki & Kelsey Stulbarg


Day Two - Saturday, September 30 Mixed Doubles

Skill: 3.0 and Under, ages 14-59
Gold: Jodie Vanthournout & Daniel Vanthournout
Silver: Nicole Lepping & Arnold Bleicher

Bronze: Christiane Johnson & Jim Long


Skill: 3.0 and Under, ages 60+

Gold: lzumi Garland & Ronald Hopkins
Silver: Joy Walton Kawasaki & Bruce Walton
Bronze: Beatrice Albarado & Ken Wahl


Skill: 3.5, ages 14-49
Gold: Mallory Leach & Michael Leach
Silver: Maria Nguyen & Ryan Phasouk

Bronze: Lindsey & Adam Rabinowitz


Skill: 3.5 ages 50-59

Gold: Libby Hartman & Don Church
Silver: Cheryl Krueger & Alan Chan
Bronze: Jennifer Cox & Timothy Williams


Skill: 3.5, ages 60+
Gold: Katinka Nanna & Bruce Good
Silver: Gayle Powers & Jeff Powers

Bronze: Laura Hogan-Reyes & John Burke


Skill: 4.0, ages 14-49

Gold: Mika Nel & Brett Krueger
Silver: Casey Fall & Liam Ballantyne
Bronze: Sara Ghazarian & Jeff Gonzales


Skill: 4.0, ages 50+
Gold: Becky Stapp & Greg Stapp
Silver: Fran Sweet & Rocky Sweet

Bronze: Kathy Kallunki & Jeff Huckestein


Skill: 4.5 and Above, any age

Gold: Kelsey Stulbarg & Joe Barkdoll
Silver: Shauna Bo & Vebol Bo
Bronze: Jennifer Bard & John Bard


Day Three - Sunday, October 1 Men's Doubles

Skill: 3.0 and Under, ages 50+
Gold: Stuart Snipper & John Kinney
Silver: Mark Linder & Tim Williams

Bronze: Drew Ealey & Jim Long


Skill: 3.5, ages 14-49

Gold: Adam Rabinowitz & Sam Rabinowitz
Silver: Andrew Gullickson & Chase Laubach
Bronze: Ty Hathaway & Thomas Gehman


Skill: 3.5, ages 50+
Gold: Don Church & Phil Milliman
Silver: Christopher Jafay & Alan Chan

Bronze: Ronald Hopkins & Philip Hutcherson


Skill: 4.0, ages 14-49

Gold: Randy Silvey & Jonathan Schweiger
Silver: Ryan Phasouk & Jon Hussey
Bronze: Gabriel Schuenemann & Josh Gonser


Skill: 4.0, ages 50+
Gold: Jeff Huckestein & John Bard
Silver: Patrick Duncan & Manny Gonzalez

Bronze: Gene Teeters & Rocky Sweet


Skill: 4.5 and Above, all ages 

Gold: Vebol Bo & Garrett Little
Silver: Curt Haugen & Michael Nizic
Bronze: Joe Barkdoll & Kyle Smith

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