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Club Ratings/Self-Rating Assessment

This Self-Rating Assessment is for current members of the Sequim Picklers.

Please submit only one Assessment.

Message from Director of Court Operations Lettie Flerchinger


Self-assessment will be used to qualify Sequim Picklers for local tournaments. Ratings allow the placement of members at various levels in the 2.0 to 5.0 rating structure. Members entering tournaments will be confident of their skill level and be competitive. 

The 10 skills scored on the online assessment become a road map for how to improve an individual’s game, for example:
— Do you communicate?
— Can you dink?
— What percentage of your third shots are successful?

No matter where your game is today, you can begin improving by taking informal statistics on yourself to work toward a stronger game. Follow the steps below when you feel you’re ready for your game to be assessed and an official rating recorded.

Remember: Pickleball is easy to learn but can take a lifetime to master. Meanwhile, you can have a heckuva lot of fun getting better at it. You will find a link to the Self-Assessment Survey at the bottom of the page. See you on the courts!

BEGINNERS: If you are a beginner playing in the free Sequim Picklers' Class and have decided to join the Club and continue learning the game, the next step in your progression will be joining our Advanced Beginners' "Stepping Up" classes.

After completing your Stepping-Up training, return to this page and fill out the Self-Assessment Survey. Your completed Survey will notify the Pickleball Court Operations Committee (PCOC) that you have progressed to Novice and are ready to be rated.

How to complete the Self-Assessment Survey

1. Select the link on this page to start your Self-Rating Assessment.

2. Answer the 10 questions on the Self-Rating Assessment form. Submit the completed form.

BEGINNERS: If you are a beginner playing in the free Sequim Picklers Beginners’ Class, when you have progressed to a Novice player, ask a Sequim Picklers’ instructor to notify the Pickleball Court Operations Committee (PCOC) that you have progressed to Novice and are ready to be rated.

3. When your Self-Rating Assessment form is received, the PCOC Ratings Evaluation Committee will review the results and determine if you have rated yourself at your current skill level. If the Committee determines that your self-rating assessment is accurate, your rating will be published on the Club Ratings page on the website.

4. If you don’t agree with your rating, please notify the PCOC (Subject Line: RATING CHANGE REQUEST) for a field evaluation, which is a court-rated performance to demonstrate skills, either through:

a) an informal assessment for most 2.0-3.0 players, or,

b) a more intensive evaluation for 3.5-4.0 players.

5. If you develop a temporary or permanent illness or disability or feel your age has compromised your play, you can ask the Evaluation Committee to lower your rating permanently, or until further notice.

6. If desired, each member can have one field evaluation every six months by contacting the Evaluation Committee through PCOC (Subject Line: RATING CHANGE REQUEST) to set up a scheduled time. If you feel an additional evaluation is needed, it will be taken into consideration.

7. If you play in tournaments, your UTPR* will be adjusted/revised by USA Pickleball. 

*UTPR = USA Pickleball Tournament Player Ratings

If you have questions, contact the Pickleball Court Operations Committee at

Vocabulary to better understand the questionnaire:

Vocabulary to better understand the questionnaire:

Dink Shot: A soft shot that is intended to arc over the net and land within the kitchen (Non-Volley Zone).


Drop Shot: A shot that falls short of the opponent’s position on the opponent’s side of the court.  


Groundstroke: Hitting the ball firmly after it has bounced on the forehand or backhand side.Rally: Continuous play that occurs after the serve and before a fault/error.


Volley: During a rally, hitting the ball while in the air before the ball bounces.


Lob: Hitting the ball over an opponent’s head in a high arc.

Bob Sester, Doug Hastings, Beverly Hoffman

Check out your current ratings on Pickleball


 Click here to start the Self-Rating Assessment


Click here for a printable copy of the Self-Rating Assessment.

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