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PCOC Meeting Minutes


The PCOC is an oversight committee reporting to the Sequim Picklers Board through the Director of Court Operations (DOCO). PCOC provides continuity for court operations as the board members and DOCO change over time. Oversight and action by the committee takes the burden and power away from single individuals. PCOC is an advisory group responsible for everything to do with pickleball courts and court operations including input on court construction as it impacts court operations. Working on behalf of the club, we have accountability to make sure club interests are solicited and represented in all court operations issues and decisions. We will make decisions by consensus or when consensus cannot be reached, by motion and vote. Items of importance will be presented to the board via motion by this committee and presented by the DOCO.

Click on the links below to view minutes from the Pickleball Court Operations Committee (PCOC) Meetings.

Meeting Minutes November 9, 2023

Meeting Minutes September 6, 2023

Meeting Minutes July 10, 2023

Meeting Minutes June 19, 2023

Meeting Minutes May 15, 2023

Meeting Minutes April 17, 2023

Meeting Minutes March 22, 2023

Meeting Minutes February 20, 2023

Meeting Minutes January 16, 2023

Meeting Minutes December 13, 2022

Meeting Minutes November 15, 2022

Meeting Minutes April 8, 2021

Meeting Minutes August 7, 2018

Meeting Minutes June 26, 2018

Meeting Minutes May 8, 2018

Meeting Minutes March 6, 2018

Meeting Minutes January 11, 2018

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