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June Board of Directors Election UPDATE






We currently have FOUR positions that will be up for election this year: Vice President, Membership Chair, Director of Court Operations, and Secretary. We highly recommend those who may be interested in running for one of the Board positions get in touch with our Nominating Committee. They are the ones who will provide the Board with members who they feel are most qualified for the positions. We always encourage at least two candidates to run for elections if possible. We will continue to collect information and hope to have candidates submit their bios and pics no later than JUNE 1st.

Please note, per our Club By-Laws: 

Section C: Board Election

Each Board member shall be elected to serve for two years, and shall be limited to two consecutive terms. The Vice-President, Secretary, Director of Court Operations, and the Membership Chair shall be elected in even-numbered years and the President, Treasurer, and Director of Communications shall be elected in odd-numbered years. The Board may choose to conduct elections for Board members by electronic means after the candidates have been introduced at the Annual Meeting and have had an opportunity to present their qualifications to the general membership. If the elections are conducted electronically, voting shall commence no later than one week following the Annual Meeting. In the event that no person is found to run for an open position, the current Board member shall be allowed to continue to serve until a replacement is found. 

Additionally, the Club President seat has recently become available; Daryl Ness will be stepping down from his Board position as he and his wife prepare to move from the area. 

Again, per our By-Laws:

Section B: Nominating Committee Election of Board members shall be overseen by the Nominating Committee, which shall be appointed by the President in January of each year for a one-year term, and shall have no fewer than two members. In the event of a vacancy on the Board, the President shall ask the Nominating Committee to recommend members willing to fill the vacancy. The Board of Directors shall determine which one of those members shall fill the vacancy until that position is up for re-election.


A special thank you to the three members of our Nominating Committee. Please contact them if you are interested in running or have any questions.

Laura Hogan ( ... 818-640-4250), 

Don Church ( ... 425-931-2567), and

John Gagan ( ... 360-460-1453)

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