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Sequim Picklers’ Organized Play
The 2024 Spring/Summer season schedule is coming soon.

Beginners’ Classes (Members and nonmembers welcome)

Beginners’ Classes are held every Sunday from 3:00-5:00 p.m., spring through fall,

at Carrie Blake Park courts. 

Our 2024 Beginners’ Classes begin April 7th and run through the end of October. ​​

  • Open to both members and nonmembers and to all age groups. Participation is limited to four classes.

  • Bring Water.

  • Sports clothing and court shoes are highly recommended.​​

  • Pickleballs provided.​​

  • Paddles are available on loan during classes. NOTE: If you have a paddle, please bring it with you to class. If you don’t have a paddle, your instructor will issue you a loaner paddle to share with other beginning players. Please return the loaner paddle to your instructor after class.

See the Play & Activities Calendar for exact dates. Check website for cancellations due to weather.


Advanced Beginners Class 

Sequim Pickler Phil Milliman leads a session for Advanced Beginners every

Tuesday at 1:30, weather permitting. This is tailored to “graduates” of our Sunday

Beginner’s Classes and others trying to build their pickleball skills.

To participate, you should know the basics of the game and how to keep score. Phil and friends will get you a little further down the pickleball trail.  The format is to start with ten to twenty minutes of focus on particular skills and then open play, where you can apply learnings and play with people of similar skills, with coaching from Phil and others. Phil and friends are learning their game right along with you and sometimes let you test your skills on them.



Skinny Singles (Members Only)

Thursdays 1:00 - 2:00

Members have the opportunity to attain, test, and document their ratings. Players are assigned courts, play 8-minute games, and record their scores. They will then rotate and repeat. Scores will be entered into Pickleball Brackets (a rating algorithm) and players will receive an updated rating the following week.

Why Skinny Singles?

= Individual play is the primary variable; other players cannot avoid hitting you the ball

= Results in a more accurate and therefore legitimate rating 

= Provides clarity on individual strengths and weaknesses

= Correlates well  to doubles play


Pickleball Brackets Explained

Pickleball Brackets is a rating system that measures point differential. When two players enter a match, PB generates a predicted outcome based on current ratings. If a player beats the predicted outcome by a small margin their rating will tick slightly upward. It is important to remember that when overmatched, you are predicted to lose. The algorithm takes into account what would likely happen in real life. The use of predicted outcomes allows for valid measurements in a variety of matches.


Unrated players will be observed playing against those that are likely to be similarly skilled. A starting rating will be discussed and given depending on the performance in the resulting matches. PB will further adjust.

Rated Play (Members only)

Rated Play is held every Saturday, spring through fall, at Carrie Blake Park courts. 

Our 2024 Rated Play is COMING SOON! 

  • Organized, competitive play within rating brackets. 

  • Available to members of Sequim Picklers only.

  • Statistics are recorded and provided to Pickleball, producing a player’s USA Pickleball Tournament Player Rating (UTPR). Club membership includes an individual account where you can check game results and statistics.

See the Play & Activities Calendar for exact dates.

League Play (Members only)

Sequim Picklers’ Spring League Play is COMING SOON to Carrie Blake Park courts. League Play may be offered in spring, summer, and fall months. Although there are a variety of formats for League Play, we currently use ROUND ROBIN PLAY, in which players play with and against others at their level.


  • Available to members of Sequim Picklers only.

  • To participate in League Play, you must sign up in advance (see link below).

  • Each seasonal League Play lasts 6 weeks. Summer League play will begin in late May or early June, and Fall League play in late July or early August. There will be separate sign-ups for both Summer League and Fall League play.

  • A commitment to play for the full league time period is required. (In cases where an absence can’t be avoided, you are responsible for finding a suitable substitute who plays at a comparable level to your own.)

  • Players play with and against others at their level.

  • In each game, you play with a different partner and against a different pair of opponents.

  • Scores will be recorded, but will only be used to determine a player’s personal percentage of points upon request. (Contact Gayle Powers if you’re interested in tracking your improvement using points earned per game instead of wins and losses.)

See the Play & Activities Calendar for exact dates.

‘Stepping-Up’ Classes (Members only)

Graduates of Sequim Picklers’ Beginners’ Classes over the past year have a chance to take their game to the next level by becoming part of our new Stepping-Up” Classes, taught by some of Sequim Picklers’ best players and instructors.

Class details are coming soon! Class size is limited to 16 players and players must sign up for the four-week session in advance (see link below). After the four-week session, Stepping-Up students will “graduate,” and a new set of Beginners’ Classes graduates will be able to participate.

This new organized Club activity is organized by Pickleball Court Operations Committee (PCOC) member Gayle Powers, with help from other Sequim Picklers’ instructors.

  • Members only. 

  • You must sign up in advance for this workshop.

  • Before signing up, you must commit to showing up every week to participate.

  • Class size will be limited to 16 players. 

  • Classes are weekly for four weeks, on Sundays from 3-5 p.m.

  • Players with the same rating (to be determined by instructors) will be grouped together to work on the same skill.

  • Each set of four players will work with on a designated court with their own teacher for all four weeks.

If you are interested in being part of our new “Stepping-Up” Classes, email Gayle Powers (SUBJECT LINE: STEPPING-UP). You will receive a confirmation when your request to sign up is received. Remember, to participate, you must commit to showing up for all four sessions.

See the Play & Activities Calendar for exact dates.

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