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December 11, 2021

Hello Picklers!

Do you follow the Sequim Picklers Members-Only Forum on Facebook? No? Then you’re missing out! Picklers on Forum share instructional videos, pickleball cartoons, tournaments featuring our own Club members, and more than a little kidding. Why not check out the Sequim Picklers Members-Only Forum today? If you like what you see, hit JOIN.

Holiday party invitations are flying around and calendars are filling up fast. Remember to take a few moments out of the craziness to say “Thank You” to your body for allowing you to continue playing the best darn game on the planet, with some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

Until next time, Pickle On!

Janice Drickey

Director of Communications


Welcome Back, Arvo Johnson

A familiar face has returned to the Sequim Picklers Board of Directors. Arvo Johnson has stepped up to fill the role of Interim President from Dec. 1 through July 31, 2022.

During his tenure as Club President from mid-2016 through July 2019, Arvo was instrumental in dealing with the City during the pre-building and building phases of the Carrie Blake Park courts.

He shared five areas he’s interested in helping the Club focus on during the next eight months, including: 1. Creating a youth program for the future of pickleball in Sequim; 2. Renewing efforts to find additional indoor pickleball venues and create a multi-sports venue that includes indoor pickleball courts; 3. Getting pickleball tournaments up and running again; 4. Expanding the benefits of belonging to Sequim Picklers for current members and potential new members; and, 5. Launching a cross-town rivalry with the Bainbridge Pickleball Club, with games at Carrie Blake Park and the Founders Courts in Battle Point Park.

Its great to have you back, Arvo!


Say ‘Hello!’ to our newest Sequim Picklers:

  • Brian Eggeman

  • Joe and Debbie Flint

  • Sandy Jacobson

  • Florence Larson

  • Virginia Moon

  • Mary and John O’Kief

We’re happy to have you join us, and can’t wait to see you on the courts!


Adopt-a-Highway News Sequim Picklers has adopted a section of 101 east of Sequim. You may have seen the signs. Four times a year, we clean up the trash/garbage/rubbish on the verge — basically, anything that doesn’t belong there.

Our first outing of 2022 will be on the morning of Saturday, January 8. We would be delighted to welcome past and future volunteers to wear one of the very becoming yellow vests while helping to improve our environment. Safety equipment is provided by the state. If it’s raining or snowing or generally miserable, we will try again the following Saturday (January 15).

We are currently only accepting volunteers who have been fully vaccinated. If you are interested in joining our clean-up team and would like more information, please email Pam Woodruff at

Best wishes for the holiday season from your Clean-up Chiefs, —Pam Woodruff and Richard Cary


Pickleball RULES! by Sequim Pickler Kathryn (“KT”) Thomas, Registered Trainer of Referees and USA-Pickleball District Ambassador for the Pacific Northwest Coast.

Question: What happens when a server announces the score wrong and the receiver says something like “Uh…”, and then the server serves the ball? The ball lands in and the receiver misses it, then says, “You said the wrong score.”

A: Hmm. “Uh…” is not really a challenge to the score. However, according to Rule 4.K., if the server (or referee) calls an incorrect score, the call may be challenged by any player “before the third shot” occurs. If the score was, in fact, incorrect, then the ball is re-served with no penalty. (Rule 4.K.3.) BUT (there is always a “but”), if the score has been called and the receiving side stops play to challenge the score, and it turns out that, in fact, the correct score WAS called, that is a fault and the serving side (the side which called the correct score) gets a point. IF, however, the receiving side challenges the score that has been called and it turns out that the incorrect score WAS called by the server and the receiving side is correct, the serving side loses the serve. (If it was the first server who served the ball, it passes to the second server; if it was the second server who served the ball, it’s a Side Out and the serve goes to the receiving side.)

Some service rules to remember: 1. It is a fault not to call all three numbers BEFORE starting the serve. 2. A side-arm serve is illegal. (I’ve seen a lot of those on the courts.) 3. Once the score is called, the server has 10 seconds to serve the ball. If players are not ready when the score is called, they must get ready within that 10-second window. The server (or referee) must take notice of whether players are ready. 4. Under the old rules, the server’s or receiver’s partners were not important when the score was called. This changed in 2020. Now all players are expected to be ready (or should be ready) to play. 5. A player may indicate “not ready” prior to the score being called by raising a paddle, a hand, or turning their back to the net. Such indicators after the score is called are a fault, unless there is a hinder on the court. A player not in position is not a hinder. (A “hinder” is typically a ball, or a person, or an animal — something that does not belong there and did not fall off of a player.)

Readers: If you see an error in any of the column answers, please let me know. Happy to make corrections or clarifications. Pickle on!


During a recent prowl through the courts at Carrie Blake Park, Reminder Cat spotted a sponge roller that hadn’t been put away. Please rehang all sponge rollers after you finish squeegee-ing the courts. Hang them on the hooks behind the shed so they can drip- and air-dry for the next time they’re needed.


Save the Date! Sequim Picklers Board of Directors Meeting Sunday, January 16, 2022, 12 Noon – 2 p.m. Location to be announced All Members Welcome Agenda available closer to meeting date


* * * 11/5/21: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT * *

GREAT NEWS! The Boys & Girls Club of Sequim is re-opening its doors to Sequim Picklers starting THIS SATURDAY AND SUNDAY, Nov. 6 and 7. Play days and times for the four courts are:

Saturdays and Sundays, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Mondays, 6 p.m.-9 p.m.

Two conditions apply: 1) You MUST be a member of Sequim Picklers to play. 2) You MUST wear a mask in the gymnasium, whether you are playing or not.* Both conditions will be checked at the door.

The entrance fee is $2 per person (except for those with Gold memberships), payable at the door when you enter the gym.

The Boys & Girls Club of Sequim is located at 400 W. Fir St. in Sequim.

Can’t wait to see you there!

*For more information about the county-wide Mask Mandate issued by the Clallam County Department of Health and Human Services, see the Department’s Press Release dated Aug. 13, 2021.


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