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Sequim Picklers' Update - July 22, 2023

President’s Message

by Arvo Johnson

It is time for me to move on from being part of the Sequim Picklers’ Board and the committees that I have been part of over the last eight years.

I have been fortunate to have served with some very talented, generous, and passionate people over the years. I cannot mention everyone, but some have made important contributions to making the Club what it is today, including:

Mary Helen Benapfl

Lee Bowen

Denise Cordero

Christiane Johnson

Katinka Nanna

Charlie Pugh

Ruby Pugh

Ben Sanders

Lynda Schroeder

Jan Tatom

JoAnne Yerkes

Fortunately, the newer members are able to stand on the shoulders of past members and enjoy the fruits of all the hard work. Hopefully, in the years ahead, our newer members, through their own hard work and contribution, will make the Club even better.

It has been my pleasure to be a part of the Sequim Picklers and to have served on the Board during some important times in the building of the Club. I have made some good friends through pickleball and will continue to enjoy the play and friendships.

Remember, the Board is there to serve the Sequim Picklers and move the Club in a direction that benefits what the membership is made of, not the benefit of any one group or individual. This can be a tough job at times; you all have a voice, and a successful Club – or anything else – is only as successful as its members and leadership, through hard work, selflessness, and generosity.

So, if you happen to see any of the current board members who are leaving or staying — Jennifer Cox, Janice Drickey, David Goose, Katinka Nanna, Jennifer Perdue, Lynda Schroeder — please give them a thank you. Most members do not realize the amount of time, thought, and effort that this Board and previous Boards put into the betterment of the Club and its members' enjoyment.

See you on the pickleball courts and remember, it is only pickleball and the most important thing is to have fun and make friends.

Thank you all for your support for me and the incredible Board members I have served with.

~Arvo Johnson


On the Courts From ‘Goose,’ Director of Court Operations

Hello Sequim Picklers,

Summer is here with great weather ahead, so let's make the most of it and get out there and play. The Sequim Fling is behind us and all the results and photos have been posted on our website at this link.

BLUE HOLE CLASSIC TOURNAMENT: Our next big event is the Blue Hole Classic Tournament on September 29 and 30, and October 1 (Friday-Saturday-Sunday), sponsored by Pickleball Is Great (PIG). To sign up, log into

COURT WEBCAM: The camera at the church is now permanently disconnected. Despite all the efforts of Libby Hartman working with the church to come up with a comparable agreement, the church decided that, for security reasons, they couldn't have us in their system. Despite the outcome, let's take this time to be grateful to the church for their support up to this point. We are looking into alternative solutions. (Libby serves on the Pickleball Court Operations Committee and was recently elected Sequim Picklers’ 2023/2024 Membership Chair.)

COURT COMMITTEE: We have a new person on the court committee, Chris Jafay. Chris has only been playing pickleball for a year but what he lacks in time on the courts, he makes up for with great enthusiasm. Chris spent most of his life coaching all types of sports and has now turned his focus to pickleball. He is currently coaching and leading drills at the Carrie Blake Park courts, Monday through Thursday, starting at 8 a.m. Chris has some new ideas that will benefit all our Club members.

PORT TOWNSEND MIXER: Sequim Picklers is looking for eight teams (mixed or same-sex) to play against Port Townsend on Saturday, August 19th. This will take place at Carrie Blake Park, beginning at 10 a.m. Each team will play all other teams to a score of 11. Wins and losses will not count but instead the total points scored by each club will determine the winning club.

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND: We will be hosting the Pickleball Club of Bainbridge Island on Saturday, September 16th. Details to come soon.

SURVEY ON RATED PLAY: We have completed a survey to determine what our members want for Rated Play. I am not saying the results are 100% accurate, but at least they give us an idea of what players want. Forty-one Sequim Picklers took the survey.

68% said rating was important to them.

53% said it tells them they are getting better over time.

43% said don’t look at their ratings in (

58% said they don’t know if is accurate.

36% said they were in the 2.5–2.9 rating.

68% said if available would like to get a rating from instructor/ pro.

57% said they would still like to track their Rated Play on

48% said they would like to have observation (if they aren’t involved in Rated Play ) every six months.

The Pickleball Operations Court Committee (PCOC) will discuss all of these results at our meeting in August. Thanks to all who took the time to fill out the survey.

As always, if you have any input on anything relating to the courts, please come forward.

Thanks All,

Goose, Director of Court Operations




by Kathryn ("K.T.") Thomas, Registered Trainer of Referees

What follows is Part Two of my final Pickleball Rules column, which is a general overview of some rules and guidelines to remember on the court.

Last month, I presented the first three of what I consider to be the six BASIC rules in pickleball. To recap:


2. There is no such thing as a “gentleman’s rule” — either it’s a rule or it isn’t.

3. If in doubt about a call, it is awarded to the other side.

In this month’s column, we’ll talk about what I consider to be basic rules numbers 4, 5, and 6.

4. Call ALL THREE numbers when getting ready to serve. 5. Have patience.

6. Be polite.

#4: Call ALL THREE numbers when getting ready to serve. Doing so tells players to be ready, verifies the score, and helps keep track of who is serving: Server 1 or Server 2.

You may not make contact with the pickleball on your serve until the entire score is called – otherwise, you will have committed a fault.

#5. Have patience. Sometimes it makes sense to rush the ball, but it also makes sense to just let the ball come to you.

Ball on the court!” is another courtesy rule that is too often ignored. But the rule has changed: whereas before a ball from another court landing ANYWHERE on your playing court was supposed to be called, now the rule is that you call “Ball on!” only if it is apparent that that errant ball could interfere with play. For example, if all four players are up at the dink line, and a ball rolls across the back court, parallel to the baseline, and it is OBVIOUS it will roll off the court and away from the players, then there is no need to call “Ball on.” Too often good play at the net has been stopped because of a “Ball on” call that was technically correct, but unnecessary. It is a judgment call, so please use good judgment, and do err on the side of safety.

#6. Be polite. Pickleball was created to be a fun, competitive, and highly social sport. Since its inception, it has embodied an ethic of good sportsmanship that includes respect, fair play, and graciousness in winning and losing.

If you disagree with a call, it is okay to question the call, but it is not your call to make unless the other side asks your opinion. Then your call stands. (And it is never a spectator’s call to make!)

This also applies at the end of a game or match, when it is polite to touch paddles with the other players and thank the other side for playing.


Pickle on! Pickleball is a great sport!


Help local youth join the pickleball revolution

The Boys & Girls Club (B&GC) of Sequim (also known as Sequim Picklers’ winter home-away-from-home) has approached our Club about donating used and unused paddles and other pickleball equipment to help the B&GC introduce the fastest-growing sport in America to its youth. If you have paddles or anything else pickleball-related to donate, please contact Club Treasurer Katinka Nanna.


Members-only Links


IF YOU'RE THE LAST PICKLER TO LEAVE THE COURTS, please put away all balls and toss abandoned items (water bottles, sweatshirts, paddles, sunglasses) into the Lost & Found box in the shed. Lock the shed and give yourself a gold star for a job well done.

NO DOGS ON THE PICKLEBALL COURTSby order of the City of Sequim. Dogs are also prohibited from hanging out in the center alley between the courts. (Apologies to our canine friends...)

WEAR YOUR BADGE. Let the world know who you are — a proud Pickler. Carry your badge in your pickleball bag to snap on when you hit the courts.

WHITELISTING. Add "" to your Contacts list and avoid having to search your Spam, Junk, and Trash mailboxes for the latest Sequim Picklers Update and other Club communications.

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