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Sequim Picklers Update — May 14, 2022

On Monday, March 28th, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed a declaration making pickleball the official sport of Washington State!

To read the whole story on the Pickleball Central website, select this LINK.


SAVE THE DATE! — Sunday, June 26, 2022 Sequim Picklers Annual Membership Meeting & Party (‘Deets’ to follow!)


2022/2023 Sequim Picklers Board of Directors Elections

At this year’s Annual Meeting & Party on Sunday, June 26 (see Save-the-Date Announcement, above), you will have the chance to hear from candidates running for the 2022/23 Sequim Picklers Board of Directors. Candidates for the open posts of President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary will present their qualifications and answer questions from the general membership.

Voting will again be conducted online this year. The voting window will open at noon on Monday, June 27, continue all day Tuesday, June 28, and close at noon on Wednesday, June 29. Votes will be tallied on the afternoon of June 29. Club President Arvo Johnson will announce the winners on Friday, June 30.

The new Sequim Picklers Board of Directors for 2022/2023 will begin serving on August 1, 2022.




DOCO* News (*Director of Court Operations)

Hello Picklers, I hope all is well with your pickleball playing and you are getting a good mix of social play, competitive play, and instructional play.

Club-wide Clinics on the Way in June

We have the okay from the city to hold the first Club-wide Clinic, scheduled for Saturday, July 16, starting at 1 p.m. The Clinic will last around four hours, with the first half concentrating on building a soft game and the last half on building weapons.

There will be another clinic on Sunday, July 17 from 8 a.m. to Noon.

These two days will be separate clinics. We did it this way to accommodate more people. The cost is $100 for members and $125 for nonmembers. I would like to have the days somewhat set by level. It will make it easier to teach if there are similar skill sets.

— The first day will be 2.5-3.0-ish

— The second day will be 3.0-ish and up

I have some leeway here, so talk to me if you have to come one day or another and don’t quite fit. Email me at to reserve your spot in this special clinic. High-level coach and player Devin Schmidt is leading the clinic. Check out his information at

More Play News

Phil Milliman’s class on Tuesdays will be self-taught for a couple of weeks while he is gone to National Senior Games.

Ladder League is Tuesday nights at 5:30 p.m. All levels are welcome. Once the group gets there, we give each person a number then play starts with each person playing games with a different partner. Scores are recorded for entry into the ratings formula. If we have a huge group, we will divide into two or more groups. Libby Hartman and Cris Gonzalez will be leading this event. This week we had 10 people for Ladder Play.

Instructional Play at noon on Fridays is going well. The last couple of Fridays have been wet and we have mostly drilled. The first week we worked on transition zone defense. Last week we worked on a plan or path to the kitchen line when you are on offense. If it is dry, we will try to play more.

I have ordered more Franklin pickleballs. They should be here this week.

Tournament News

Please help support the Sequim Picklers’ Spring Fling Tournament, June 10-11-12. If you are not playing, plan on being there to help during the tournament. There is so much to do. (See volunteer jobs, below.)

We have a reputation for running a top-notch event. There will be people coming from all over to play in this. As a Sequim Pickler, you should come out and be a part of it and take pride in this great event sponsored by our Club.

PCOC — Guardians of the Courts

Please see the members of the Pickleball Court Operations Committee (PCOC) with any questions or suggestions on court operations. Committee members are Daryl Ness (Assistant Director of Court Operations), Cris Gonzalez, David Goose, Libby Hartman, and Bill Schiffman.


Kendal Wake, Director of Court Operations, USA-Pickleball Ambassador


Click on the logo below to learn more about the Spring Fling Tournament June 10-12, 2022

Volunteer jobs for Spring Fling Registration: Checking in participants Food Table: Making coffee, setting out food, keeping everything replenished Parking: Making sure everyone parks in the designated areas Runners: Taking score sheets to Pickleball is Great (PIG) Tournament Facilitators

To volunteer, or if you have questions about volunteering, contact Club Treasurer Katinka Nanna at


Welcome, Annette!

Sequim Pickler Annette Clem will serve as Interim Membership Chair for 2022/2023, replacing Sue Felix.

Hi, my name is Annette Clem and I look forward to serving as your Interim Membership Chair for the Sequim Picklers. I love to play pickleball! It’s such a great way to have fun, socialize, exercise and be challenged. My first pickleball game was many years ago when we played with small wooden paddles! My background as a RN Case Manager has taught me to be organized and work as part of a team. I look forward to greeting our new members and answering questions about our organization.


Pickleball Rules!

By Kathryn (“K.T.”) Thomas, Registered Referee Trainer

Question: A ball hit the stomach of an opposing player and came back over the net. He said the ball was good, and still in play. We missed the return. Was he right?

Answer: No. Rules 7.H. and 7.I. state that balls that contact the player or anything the player is wearing, except the paddle or the player’s hand(s) below the wrist, is a fault.

Question: I like to play singles pickleball. We use side-out scoring, but we serve from the right side every time the serve changes. Someone said that was wrong. Is it?

Answer: Rules 4.B.5.a. and b. cover the scoring rules for singles play in pickleball. Basically, a single server’s serve location is based on the score. If the server’s score is even, s/he serves from the right-hand court, or even court. If the server’s score is odd, s/he serves from the left-side court, or odd court.

If, for example, the server calls the score 7-6, then the serve is from the odd court. If the rally ends in a side-out, the new server, who then calls the score as 6-7, serves from the even court.

Have a question about something that happened on the court? Send it to me at Kathryn (“K.T.”) Thomas.


Sequim Picklers (literally) Clean Up

Appropriately, the day after Earth Day found 13 Sequim Picklers enjoying a morning of remarkably good weather while picking up the unwanted belongings of passing motorists.

The dead deer we found last time is well on its way to being recycled and is providing food and shelter to countless insects. Otherwise, little out of the ordinary to report, though we do question Goose’s wardrobe choices. —Pam Woodruff and Richard Cary

Sequim Picklers picker-uppers, from left: Ken Sorbel, Bob Sester, Mary Helen Benapfl, Richard Cary, David Goose, Margie Rone, Janie Dicus, Christina Cunningham, and Sue and Mark Schaafsma. Not pictured: Mike Cooper, Janice Drickey, and Pam Woodruff.

Goose shows off the latest in haute couture.


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