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Sequim Picklers Update — September 14, 2022

Sequim-Bainbridge Cup Tournament comes to Home Courts this Saturday!

Two weeks ago, Sequim Picklers battled it out on Bainbridge’s home turf.

This Saturday, the contest comes home to Sequim.

Who will win the Bainbridge-Sequim Cup Pickleball Tournament?

Starting at 10 a.m. Saturday, September 17*, 44 Sequim Picklers will go head to head with 44 of their Bainbridge counterparts on our courts at Carrie Blake Park.

Bring a chair and come cheer on the Home Team!

In Bainbridge on September 3, 88 players competed on six new courts and six older courts. That allowed us to use traditional scoring and still get all the games played before the sun went down.

In Sequim this Saturday, those (mostly) same 88 players from Bainbridge and Sequim will fight it out on eight courts. To speed up play, Rally Scoring will be used, which means if you win the rally, your team scores whether you’re serving or not. In other words, whoever wins the point gets the point, regardless of who serves. Games to 11, win by one.

Volunteers are still needed to help out at the tournament. See the article below for available jobs and contact information.

And get ready to R-U-M-B-L-E! (In a friendly way, of course!)

[*Note: The tournament replaces Rated Play this week. Rated Play will return next Saturday.]


Attention, Sequim Picklers!

Volunteers* are needed to work at the Sequim-Bainbridge Cup pickleball tournament this Saturday, September 17, at Carrie Blake Park. (*Only members NOT playing in the tournament may volunteer.)


There are 3 shifts, each two-and-a-half hours:

First Shift: 9:30-12 Noon

Second Shift: 12 Noon – 2:30 p.m.

—Third Shift: 2:30 p.m.-5 p.m.


Food Table — 4 Volunteers

First shift: Set up table, put out food and keep it replenished, make coffee in urn, fill lemonade jar

Second shift: Replenish food, make fresh urn of coffee, refill lemonade jar

Third Shift: Replenish food, help clean up at end of tournament: Put away food, rinse coffee urn, and wash out lemonade jar

Pizza Run, around 4 p.m.: Use own vehicle to pick up pizzas when the tournament is close to being finished

Scorekeepers/Player Wranglers — 15 Volunteers

Five (5) volunteers per shift to keep track of scores and call out which courts teams are to report to

To volunteer, contact Katinka Nanna or Arvo Johnson and tell them which job and shift you prefer.


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