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President's Message

by Daryl Ness

We have the Bainbridge Sequim Cup under our belt. What a great event. Thanks to all the participants and the volunteers who made this event such a success. 'Special thanks to Goose and Gayle for making sure that all of our players were able to compete.

The Blue Hole Bash was another great success. I love the hats and I hope those who played, or volunteered, enjoy them as much as I do. Katinka Nanna did a great job picking them out.

Our turnout was not what I expected, but we had competing tournaments the same weekend that may have influenced our numbers. Even so, it was a great time. Lesson learned for me: get involved in the bracketing. We had a couple of events with eight people that were separated and some only had the opportunity to play three games to 15 to qualify for the medal match. I apologize for not seeing this soon enough as once I requested a longer round robin or additional play, it happened.

Thanks to all the volunteers who assisted as runners, referees, and setup and take down. A special thanks to Katinka Nanna, Lynda Schroeder, Richard Cary, and Gary Poor. They were there from setup to take down every day. Goose was the guy who did everything that no one else was signed up for. I am very impressed with how many of our members took time out of their day to help us out.

We will be planning for next year’s program this winter. I want to have support for many of the programs we provide today and include some 3.0 and higher playing opportunities against higher-level players. We have some very high-level players in our community who can assist us with camps, training, and some new ways to compete. Please give us ideas for the coming year.

I have had feedback on trying to coordinate some Major League Play with multi-level competition. We may want to try this in-house with multiple teams and then try and expand this to team invites.

Stay tuned,

Daryl Ness


Save the Date!

Sequim Picklers' Board of Directors Meeting

Sunday, November 19, 12-2:00 p.m.

Solana Clubhouse

135 Solana Pkwy, Sequim

September 17th Board Minutes can be viewed here.


It’s All about our Members!

Hi, Picklers! As expected, new memberships slowed in the fall season. The mighty four new/ returning members are Jean Siesener, Julia Carol (welcome back!), and Scott and Kim Little. Please join me in welcoming them and as always, if you see a person on the courts who looks like they are new and looking for a game, show that Sequim Pickler graciousness and introduce yourself and invite them to play in. I find that many new people so appreciate a little ‘orientation’ to ‘how things work’, when people are playing, can I ‘paddle in’, etc. Also – as we get into the colder season, someone asked if people play in the winter. Heck yes! Many of us do, despite the shorter

days. So bundle up and come out to play. My favorite winter tool is a Pickleball mitten

(also known as a Paddle Tennis mitten, which is a winter sport). This is a great option if you want to FEEL the paddle and keep your hand warm. Here is one example of what you can find on Etsy.

We Want Your Input!

Part of my vision as membership chair is to ensure that we have the pulse on the needs/desires of our members. Having forums in which members can get/give information is our goal as a Board, so we are instituting a few opportunities for this.

  1. Paddle Talk – This is a low-key opportunity to give your input and feedback. These will take place on the first Saturday of the month from 8:30-9:30 a.m. starting in November. I’ll be at the courts with goodies and coffee. This can be a sit-down or a fly-by with things on your mind that never seem to get into that email.

  2. Member Input Meetings – Our goal is to hold three meetings per year that are specifically designed to get member input. We’ll have topics we would like to hear your thoughts about, and you can bring your own. We are targeting Saturday, November 18th at noon for the first meeting. Before this, we’ll send out the location and topics to be on the agenda. Feel free to bring your own topics as well.

  3. Board Meetings – Remember that you are welcome to come to the Board Meetings. We’ll be bringing back the capability to join via conference call if you are not able to show up, but we very much encourage in-person attendance; it’s great to see those shining faces. The Board Meeting is a great forum to hear what we, as a Board, are talking about. For new ideas and input, we encourage you to attend the two Member Forums highlighted above.

Do you have your name badge?

Please look in the shed if you do not have your name badge. They will be hanging on the door or the back wall. Our goal would be that everyone gets (and wears) their name badge while playing at the Carrie Blake Courts. It’s a great way to get to know other Sequim Picklers.

Have feedback but can’t join the above?

Please send emails to or call/text my cell at (206)832-7627. And don’t forget to reach out to play . . . I’ve played with several new members recently and we’ve had a great time!

Pickleball is life!

Libby Hartman, Membership Chair


Blue Hole Bash!

Another FABULOUS Event!

The summer is now officially behind us and our last tournament wrapped up the season in such a fun manner. The Board of Directors and PCOC would love to thank OUR SPONSORS and everyone who signed up to PLAY, VOLUNTEER, and COME CHEER on the players. If you haven't already, be sure to check out the Blue Hole Bash webpage to see the results, pictures from the weekend, and a list of the donors. Keep an eye on the website as events for 2024 become available soon.


Changes in the Weather.....

Are you aware that as a Sequim Pickler you can play indoors at the Boys & Girls Club? Beginning Wednesday, October 25th, the indoor courts are available for the low price of $3 per member. Check out the webpage for details, and be sure to check the Calendar for black-out dates.

Also, the Club is looking for members who would like to learn how to referee. Contact Katinka Nanna at This class will be twice a month during the winter months, will not occur on holidays, and practices will be done at Boys & Girls Club. More details coming soon!


Member's Only Links

New to the Sequim Picklers website? Here are a few tips:

  • The homepage has a "pop-up" that changes every few days; visit the website often to get any news blasts.

  • Looking for something in particular? Try the search bar in the upper right corner.

  • The Member's Only page password is SweetOrDill23 (please note this changed on August 10th). Save this for future use, but please don't share it with non-members.


How much do you know about our Club?

Here are some amazing facts about our own Sequim Picklers (data from as of 9/23/23).

Registered Count Female 285 – 47.26% of the total count

Registered Count Male 318 – 52.74% of total count

TOTAL= 603

Age Breakdown


Mixed Doubles


Breakdown by Skill Level



IF YOU'RE THE LAST PICKLER TO LEAVE THE COURTS, please put away all balls and toss abandoned items (water bottles, sweatshirts, paddles, sunglasses) into the Lost & Found box in the shed. Lock up the shed and have a great evening.

NO DOGS ON THE PICKLEBALL COURTS by order of the City of Sequim. Dogs are also prohibited from hanging out in the center alley between the courts. (Apologies to our canine friends...)

WEAR YOUR BADGE. Let the world know who you are — a proud Pickler. Carry your badge in your pickleball bag to snap on when you hit the courts.

WHITELISTING. Add "" to your Contacts list and avoid having to search your Spam, Junk, and Trash mailboxes for the latest Sequim Picklers Update and other Club communications.

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