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Sequim Fling 2023

Under the able direction of Kathy Ramabousek from Pickleball Is Great, 198 pickleball players competed in the 2023 Sequim Fling Pickleball Tournament. There were players from 28 Washington state cities, as well as from Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Utah, and British Columbia.

Congratulations to:
—All Sequim Picklers who played in the tournament,
— 58 Sequim Picklers’ medal winners out of a total of 162 medals given out during the three-day event (to see a complete list of Sequim Picklers’ medal winners, select this LINK),
—33 Sequim Picklers volunteers who helped run the show on one, two, or all three days of the tournament, and,
—All our members who turned out to cheer on the home team!

Day One - Friday, June 23 Women's Doubles

Skill: 3.5, ages 19-49
Gold: Melissa Timme & Erin Phillips
Silver: Carmen Avalos & Chloe Andersen


Skill: 4.0, ages 59 and Under
Gold: Christiane Baker & Emily Crandall
Silver: Colleen Alger & Kimberly Nizic
Bronze: Karin Franco & Linda Rogers


Skill: 3.0 and ages Under, 60 to 69
Gold: Jennie Webber Hellman & Abigail Berg
Silver: Laura Kriese & Teresa Martin
Bronze: Suzanne Droppert & Helen Hendrickson


Skill: 3.5, ages 50+

Gold: Libby Hartman & Terri Wiebe
Silver: Wendy Ahearn & Jennifer Cox
Bronze: Dana Henry & Jennifer Cogger


Skill: 4.0, ages 60+
Gold: Shar Shiroma & Mary Critchlow
Silver: Lori Schmall & Denise Smail
Bronze: Carol Miller & Margaret Bahnson


Skill: 3.0-3.5, ages 70 and Above
Gold: Margaret Daniels & Beverly Lueth
Silver: Sharman Owings & Pam Woodruff
Bronze: Katinka Nanna & Lynda Schroeder


Skill: 3.0, ages 14-59
Gold: Linda Boding and Jennifer Oswald
Silver: Diane Froula and Letricia Flerchinger
Bronze: Ruby Pugh and Cheryl Krueger


Day Two - Saturday, June 24 Mixed Doubles

Skill: 4.0 and above, ages 19-49
Gold: Mika Nel & Curt Haugen
Silver: Christiane Baker & Benjamin Morgan
Bronze: Kali McKenzie & Kendal Wake


Skill: 3.5–4.0, ages 60-69
Gold: Mary Critchlow & James Geren
Silver: Terri Wiebe & Steven Reeves
Bronze: Jennifer Easley & Ken Easley


Skill: 3.5, ages 50-59
Gold: Elaine Furst & Jeff Furst
Silver: Akiko Westerhout & Jacob Jaffe
Bronze: Karin Franco & Bryce Garner


Skill: 3.0 and Under, ages 57 and above
Gold: Cris Gonzalez & Timothy Williams
Silver: Diane Froula & Mark Linder
Bronze: Tammy Fujihara & John Kinney


Skill: 4.0 and above, ages 50-59
Gold: Mallory Milligan & Michael Nizic
Silver: Blythe Manson & Rick Dillon
Bronze: Kimberly Nizic & Daryl Ness


Skill: 3.5–4.0, ages 70 and above
Gold: Margaret Daniels & Michael Abbott
Silver: Beverly Hoffman & Steve Bennett
Bronze: Sharman Owings & Pat Funk


Skill: 3.5, ages 13-49
Gold: Emily Crandall & Gene Smith
Silver: Krysta Barton & Andrew Raleigh
Bronze: Kylee Richards & Tux Seims


Skill: 3.0 and under, ages Under 57
Gold: Emily Brett & Kelly Ngo
Silver: Camryn Mason & Ty Hathaway
Bronze: Linda Bodine & Jeremy Rollison


Day Three- Sunday, June 25 Men's Doubles

Skill: 4.0, ages 50-59
Gold: Terry Rogers & Paul Williams
Silver: George Gallant & Jon Hussey
Bronze: Jon Irvine & Jay Struss


Skill: 4.0, ages 60+
Gold: Kendal Wake & Randall Anderson
Silver: Daryl Ness & William Dennis
Bronze: Steven Stratton & Mike McCoy


Skill: 3.5, ages 13 To 49
Gold: George Vaughan-Wynn & Andrew Gullickson
Silver: Nicholas Toglia & Stephen Brashear
Bronze: Gabriel Schuenemann & Andrew Schuenemann


Skill: 3.0 To 3.5, ages 50 To 59
Gold: Adam Rabinowitz & Matthew McCurdy
Silver: Jacob Jaffe & Kris Rosentrater
Bronze: John Sieler & G. Dean Oswald


Skill: 4.5 and above,  all ages
Gold: Zachary Ohnemus & Peter Berg
Silver: Brian Eggiman & Curt Haugen
Bronze: Mark Dana & Joel Meier


Skill: 4.0, ages 14 To 49
Gold: Ryan Phasouk & Justin Gallant
Silver: Dan Pippinger & Gabriel Murrey-Inskeep
Bronze: Jason Rust & Shane Schnell


Skill: 3.0 To 3.5, ages 70 And Above
Gold: Craig Walls & James Geren
Silver: Don Church & Phil Milliman
Bronze: Michael Abbott & Michael Saffer


Skill: 3.0 To 3.5, ages 60 To 69
Gold: Sean Courage & Steve Jamison
Silver: Robert Craighead & Don Sickle
Bronze: Michael Adams & Claude Vanderford


You can also find photos of the medal winners in the “Featured” section on the Members-only Forum on FaceBook.

Click on the photo below to read a story on the tournament that ran in the Sequim Gazette on June 28, 2023.

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