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Week of June 10th NEWS!

  • Don't forget that Ladder Play is happening Monday-Wednesday. Check the Club calendar for details.

  •  Thursday's MiLP Draft and Go event is all set for June 13th. Come on out and cheer everyone on and have a great time! And if you are already chomping at the bit to play in the next event, sign up here for July 11th's Draft and Go!


  • Our Sequim Fling is coming up quickly and we would like to know if any members are willing to do some refereeing during the tournament.  Please let Lynda Schroeder know if you would like to referee and also if you are new and want to learn, we can have some classes with on-court training. You can contact Lynda by email.


  • Picklers! It's time to give back. Volunteers are needed for the Sequim Fling (June 27-30). See the link here and contact Katinka Nanna to let her know that you are available. Many thanks!

  • Blue Hole Bash registration is OPEN! Can you believe it! Head on over to PIG (Pickleball is Great) and get yourself signed up now!

  • Are you interested in following our MiLP teams? Consider joining the Global Pickleball Network. Details for joining can be found here.​ 

  • Have you checked out the new Members Only Virtual Bulletin Board? Details are on the Members Only page

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